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Capital West Umpires Association (Softball )

****^^^^Dates for 2018 CWUA Meetimgs get them on your calender clickon meetings above HAVE A GREAT SUMMER AND OFF SEASON SEE YOU NEXT YEAR**** I want to THANK All Class 1's in advance that want to help observe umpires and help them to advance Bob Powers & CWUA Board ::: for BASEBALL Umpires email or call Steve Halley smitrio2@yahoo.com 614-569-6330 email or call Mike Higgins mhig984@aol.com 614-208-4076 email or call Jeff Peppers jdexter2008@yahoo.com 614-593-5015 ::: for Baseball or Softball Umpires email or call Terry Magers terry2575@yahoo.com 614-323-5018 email or call Eric Nungester enungester@yahoo.com 614-783-6789 email or call Laura Nungester nungmon@yahoo.com 614-783-6789 email or call John Conn connjohn5@aol.com 740-406-9176 email or call Curtis Stewart CStewart1965@yahoo.com 740-751-1619 ****

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